Humanoid Robotics Lab

Purpose of Lab :
Robotics is a blend of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer engineering. It is the field that sees the design, construction, operation, and ultimately, the use of robots.

Why Humanoid Lab :
Designing of Humanoid with the following functionality :
• Face Recognition and Voice Recognition capabilities
• Run time enrolment of the person ID
• In front touch screen panel for the manual assist
• Path planning and object avoiding capabilities
• Greeting known people
• Greeting unknown people with information
• Reply with answers to question asked
• Robot will be well versed with the knowledge-creating heavy database for it
• Implementing AI-based robot which keeps on learning from the environmental conditions and keeps planning the paths as per the departments of the college


Projects in Humanoid Lab :
• Vision based robots
• Industrial Manipulator (Robotic Arm)
• Biped robot
• Quad copter (Drone)
• Object Tracking Robot
• Path Planning Robot
• Hexapod
• Micro Mouse
• Line following robot
• Robots with AI
• Fire Fighting Robot
• Cylindrical arm robot mechanism
• Metal detection robot
• Soccer robot
• Gesture controlled robot
• Maze solver robot
• Team of robots
• Stairs climbing robots
• Badminton playing robots

Who will access Humanoid Lab :
Students from Computer, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students. In addition, the researchers, entrepreneurs, industry person, etc. can also utilize this laboratory.